Warranty – Terms and Conditions

DrToner Warranty Guidelines
To be entitled to the warranty the customer must have and shall do as follows:

  1. Customer must have registered with DrTonerInk.com (San Imaging Solution Sdn Bhd) on the Warranty Registration website, http://drtonerink.com, in the manner and within the time period stipulated on or in the packaging of the product provided that:
    1. DrTonerInk.com (San Imaging Solution Sdn Bhd) permits the Warranty to be registered on-line the Warranty is registered only upon the customer receiving DrTonerInk.com’s confirmation email that expressly states that the warranty is successfully registered and sets out the customer’s ‘Confirmation Warranty Registration’, and reconfirms the Product’s model and serial numbers and the customer’s email address.
    2. Customer is compulsory to fill in all the detail on the website and in order to receive the “Confirmation Warranty Registration”.
    3. Customer MUST attached the receipt that is fully and legibly completed and duly affixed with DrTonerInk.com (San Imaging Solution Sdn Bhd) authorized dealer’s comes with official stamp.
  2. The warranty is against manufacturer’s defects only and not included the weight of the remaining toner load (less than 50%) compared to a new / unused toner cartridge. (Toner load varies from cartridge models)
  3. Each laser toner cartridge is warranted to be free from defects in materials during the period of the warranty. This warranty pertains to any DrTonerInk.com when used in its designated to the printing devices. Customer may refer to DrTonerInk.com (San Imaging Solution Sdn Bhd) or DrTonerInk.com’s dealer for the accurate model. DrTonerInk.com warranty coverage are including :
    1. Toner leakage before peeling-off the security seal.
    2. Printing issues such as blur, black dots, white lines and print shadow due to manufacturing defects.
  4. Without prejudgment all the following are also specifically excluded from the warranty:
    1. Damage, defects, malfunctioning of the laser toner cartridge installed in or supplied in to any product which does not fit in.
    2. The warranty control sticker at the laser toner casing is either broken or missing.
    3. Toner leakage due to any attempts of refilling exercise on dealers or end-users part.
    4. External cause including accidents & fire.
    5. The toners casing broken and OPC drum scratched due to miss-handling on customer’s part.
    6. Any abuse of including rough handling/transportation, negligent act or use, misuse or tampering of the product, or any incorrect or wrongful management, operation, use, maintenance or servicing of the product
  5. The customer is solely responsible to deliver and transport the product to DrTonerInk.com (San Imaging Solution Sdn Bhd) dealer.
  6. DrTonerInk.com (San Imaging Solution Sdn Bhd) excludes all liability and responsibility to the customer for any and all cost, expense, loss and/or damage.